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Barbershop Harmony





This web page contains various examples of four part barbershop harmony
played on the piano.

The software used to make the files was Finale Allegro for Macintosh.
The original .mus files created by the application Allegro 2001, have been converted into the .midi format
for posting on this site.
This allows both Mac and Windows users to hear the files,
as well as those who don't have Finale/Allegro installed on their computers.

(As of July 09 some songs have been reworked, and all the music has been converted to MP3's)

I find great pleasure in using the tools provided with the software to augment and diminish parts of the composition
in an effort to give the music a little feeling or interpretation,
and must admit the process can take
a bit of thought and time to accomplish.

As a former member of the Whittier Chapter of The Barbershop Harmony Society
for 15 years, (Inactive for an even larger number of years)
I have many fond memories of gathering around the piano at chorus break to hear a new song someone was working on,
or a tag a fellow member wanted to share.
This is the primary reason I have chosen the piano as my instrument of choice for working on barbershop in Allegro;
Despite the fact it is a tempered instrument, (This just adds to the challenge) I really enjoy hearing
barbershop harmony played on the piano!

For those of you who listen to these transcribed examples of four part barbershop on piano,
I sincerely hope you are entertained and enjoy what you hear.

In Harmony,
Robert Sharpe
shrrms @
Anaheim, CA

During my high school years, I formed a barbershop quartet from students belonging to the schools
twenty member madrigal ensemble.

In Feb. 2010 my good friend Lindsay Latham used his equipment and knowledge
to extract my high school quartets live performance at a school function
from a 38 year old cassette tape.

At that time in 1972 I sang the tenor part.
Here is my high school quartets poorly interpreted, but fairly well executed rendition of Yes Sir, That's My Baby